A Message From Jonathan

I’ve spent my life helping Colorado’s kids, working families, and seniors. I’ve seen firsthand how Coloradans are hurting. During my time in the state legislature, I’ve fought to bring good jobs and innovative industries to our state, ensure that Colorado’s kids have a chance to get a great education, build bridges between state government and local communities to ensure that disaster victims can get back on their feet, and keep state government open and accessible.

I’m a husband and father who loves everything about our state’s way of life. I want to be sure that my daughter will be able to enjoy everything that makes Colorado a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Boulder County is a special place. With your support, I’ll continue to serve the people of House District 11 at the State Capitol, fighting to bring about common sense solutions to our state’s biggest challenges so that every person in our state will have the opportunity to get ahead.

I want to build a Colorado where every person who’s willing to work hard has a shot at success. If you share that vision, I hope you can join this campaign by donating (link to donate attached to the word) or volunteering (link to volunteering attached to that tab). If you want to contact me, my personal phone number is listed on the contacts tab. I’m always happy to hear from my constituents and would love any input you have to offer.

Thanks again for wanting to learn more about me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

—State Representative Jonathan Singer