Be Heard! Write a Letter to the Editor!

writeWriting a letter to the editor allows you to tell voters in House District 11 exactly why this campaign matters to you. Writing a letter will help our campaign spread our message so that Jonathan can go back to work at the capitol to continue building a better Colorado.

Letter Writing Tips

Letters must be kept to less than three hundred words. Stick to one general theme. Write something personal that tells the reader why you support Jonathan. Write what you know. Stay positive. We typically have a theme we’d like to focus on during certain periods, so get in touch with us if you want direction from the campaign on letter writing.

The more letters we have, the more voters see our message. Jonathan needs your help and writing a letter is a wonderful way to show your support.

We’re always keeping our eyes out for opinion pieces and letters to the editor related to our campaign. But, we can’t have eyes everywhere. If you see a letter or article you’d like us to see, send it to our campaign team at

Letters should be sent to the following publications:

The Longmont Daily Times-Call

Address: Open Forum
P.O. Box 299
Longmont, CO 80502

Notes from the publication: Letters must be signed with a first and last name. We do not publish anonymous letters, poetry, letters signed with a pseudonym, open letters, letters addressed to a third party or letters promoting a particular business or personal matter. We do not publish letters that are part of an organized effort to flood the newspaper with mail on a single topic. We do allow for an exchange between writers, but do not publish personal attacks. For purposes of verification, your address and daytime telephone number must be furnished, although we do not publish them. Letters longer than 300 words will be shortened or will not run. Letter writers will be limited to no more than one published letter in a 14-day period.

Boulder Daily Camera

Address: P.O. Box 591
Boulder, CO 80306

Notes from the Publication: The Daily Camera welcomes readers’ letters and diverse points of view. Timely topics of local interest are given first preference. All letters are subject to editing. Other guidelines: 300-word limit; name, full address and daytime phone required; no anonymous or “open” letters; each writer is limited to a letter a month.